University of Warsaw to celebrate World Logic Day


January 14 is World Logic Day. On this occasion, the University of Warsaw (UW) is holding the debate “Why do we need logic”.

The event is devoted to the sense of developing this discipline, the application of logic, as well as the division into so-called better and worse logics. It will be held on January 14 at the Institute of Philosophy of the University of Warsaw. Scholars of the Institute of Philosophy and the Faculty of Polish Studies will take part in the discussion.

The first World Logic Day was initiated by Prof. Jean-Yves Beziau. This international event is celebrated on the anniversary of the birth of Alfred Tarski and the anniversary of the death of Kurt Gödel, scholars considered to be ones of the most important logicians in the world. World Logic Day is to promote logic and strengthen cooperation between scholars interested in this subdiscipline. The initiative is supported by UNESCO.