Vice-Rector of the University of Silesia becomes the chairman of the Council of the National Academic Exchange Agency


Vice-Rector of the University of Silesia for international and national cooperation Dr Tomasz Pietrzykowski will manage the work of the National Council of the Academic Exchange Agency. In the Council, he will also act as the representative of the minister responsible for higher education.

The National Agency for Academic Exchange works for the internationalization of Polish science. Its purpose is to support international research cooperation and academic exchange processes, as well as to disseminate information on Polish higher education and promote the Polish language abroad.

The Council is one of the two bodies of the Agency. It is composed of representatives of the Prime Minister, ministers competent for higher education. science, public finance, economy and foreign affairs as well as the Conference of Rectors of Polish Academic Schools, the National Representation of Doctoral Students, the Student Parliament of the Republic of Poland and the Main Council of Science and Higher Education.

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