VIII Interuniversity Conference Brain Day in Szczecin


Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychoprophylaxis of the Institute of Psychology at the University of Szczecin, Department of Psychiatry of the Pomeranian Medical University, District Medical Chamber in Szczecin, Polish Neurological Society and Polish Psychiatric Association Branch in Szczecin and the Cogito Association invite participants to the VIII Inter-University Conference Day of the Brain.

The Brain Day is a lecture on topics related to the functioning of this organ in an interdisciplinary perspective – from a medical, neurological and psychiatric point of view, and taking into account humanistic aspects. This year’s performances will include: Imagination of music, Irrationality of our communication, Does art suffer?, or Who is art therapy for? and Diseases of the brain in the film.

The conference is organized under the slogan “BRAIN – ART – CONTROVERSIA” and will take place on Saturday, 13 April, in the hall of the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Szczecin.

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