Wrocław polar geographer wins the award of the journal “Polityka”


Dr. Mateusz Strzelecki from the Institute of Geography and Regional Development of the University of Wroclaw wins the scientific award of the journal “Polityka”. The Wrocław polar geographer won the award in the category of social sciences.

Dr Strzelecki is the head of the polar station of the University of Wroclaw in Spitsbergen, leader of Polish research teams on the evolution of the coast and the paraglacial transformation of the landscape in the High Arctic. He is the youngest member of the Polar Research Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

The aim of his research is to determine how climate change transforms the polar coasts and threatens to the social clusters existing in these exceptionally sensitive zones.

The competition organized by the journal “Polityka” is aimed to promote the young scientists. Its laureates receive scholarships of 15 thousand PLN.