A game promoting the Polish language, ” Tracing Baltic mysteries”, was created at the University of Gdansk

28.08.2022 - Gdansk, Uniwersytet Gdanski, Wydzial Nauk Spolecznych Instytut Geografii Fot. Karol Makurat/REPORTER

An online game promoting the Polish language was created at the Institute of Polish Philology of the University of Gdansk. It was funded by the National Agency for Academic Exchange within the framework of the Promotion of the Polish Language programme.

The game was created primarily for students following the Slavonic Studies programme at Istanbul University, as well as foreigners studying Polish who live in Poland, but it is also available to anyone interested in the culture and history of Gdansk.

The project has become an opportunity to invite people to get to know selected Gdańsk cultural institutions, to share a message about important pages from the history of Gdańsk and to show attractive, but sometimes not obvious places on the cultural map of the city. Fulfilling the mission to find Neptune’s trident hidden by Mercury, players can explore the streets of Gdańsk, solve quizzes, collect trophies and, of course, learn the Polish language”.

Read more: https://ug.edu.pl/news/pl/4029/naukowcy-z-ug-stworzyli-bezplatna-gre-internetowa-promujaca-jezyk-polski-tropem-nadbaltyckich