A non-invasive alternative to gastroscopy and colonoscopy


A group of scientists from medtech BioCam has developed an innovative product that is a non-invasive alternative to gastroscopy and colonoscopy. The device, which is just 11 mm wide and 23 mm long, could make a real revolution in the field of gastrology. The capsule will take pictures and transmit them to the doctor on its own”.

The BioCam solution is a remote and contactless system for diagnosing the digestive system. The patient swallows a capsule, which passes through the digestive tract and takes pictures, thanks to peristaltic movements. The images are sent to a recording device that the patient wears on a belt around the waist.

“Our significant advantage over traditional endoscopy is patient comfort and overcoming the mental barrier. Patients who have not dared to undergo an invasive examination for years despite their doctor’s recommendations are much more likely to swallow a capsule that does not differ in size from a vitamin/dietary supplement”, says Maciej Wysocki, president and one of the founders of BioCam.

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