AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków started cooperation with PKP SA within the Europe’s Rail Joint Undertaking partnership 

Europe's Rail

The aim of the Europe’s Rail Joint Undertaking (ERJU) project, involving the AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków, is to accelerate the development and innovation of technologies and operational solutions in the rail industry. 

This is the final of more than two years of work, which culminated in the conclusion of an R&D ecosystem agreement and agreements for the creation of international consortia in December 2022. They will include four R&D projects, with AGH participating in three of them: FP1 – MOTIONAL – Planning and Control of Network Management and Mobility Management in a Multimodal Environment, FP3 – IAM4RAIL – Intelligent and Integrated Asset Management, FP4 – Rail4Earth – Sustainable and Green Rail System.

Five AGH faculties will be involved: Electrical Engineering, Automation, Computer Science and Biomedical Engineering; Mining Geodesy and Environmental Engineering; Civil Engineering and Resource Management; Management; and Energy and Fuels.

Research and development