Agreement between higher education institutions in Gdańsk and Wejherowo poviat

fot. Uniwersytet Gdański

The local government of Wejherowo poviat has signed a cooperation agreement with the Medical University of Gdansk, Gdansk University of Technology and Gdansk University, forming the Fahrenheit University Alliance (FarU). The Gdansk universities will support the education of young people in secondary schools run by Wejherowo County.  

The main objective of the signed agreement is to provide qualified current and future staff for the local, sub-regional and regional labour market, science, research and innovation by guaranteeing a high level of education for school and university graduates.

Among the most important subjects for cooperation were the expansion of ports in Gdansk and Gdynia and activities related to the construction of Poland’s first nuclear power station. These undertakings will enhance the development of the infrastructure, educational needs and labour market of Wejherowo County in the coming years.

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