Artificial intelligence to help diagnose and monitor COVID-19


The City Hospital No. 4 in Gliwice and the Silesian University of Technology are implementing a project aimed at reducing the time needed to describe a CT scan, detecting clinically unsuspected COVID-19 cases and providing information that will help to improve or create diagnostic schemes. The solution will be a system of tools supported by artificial intelligence.

By analyzing the data, artificial intelligence systems are able to provide clinical predictions that can help doctors in their daily work. The data obtained as a result of segmentation will allow for a quantitative comparison of morphological changes found not only in COVID-19, but also in other diseases.

This will allow for more accurate monitoring of the regression or progression of changes found in computed tomography in the case of interstitial pneumonia, and in conjunction with other clinical data – forecasting the course of the disease. The project is co-financed by the National Center for Research and Development.


Medicine and biotechnology