Białystok Science and Technology Park awarded for the Epi-Science Center


The Białystok Science and Technology Park (BPN-T) was awarded the “Crystals of Public Tenders” award. The aim of the award is to promote and disseminate the application of good practices in the field of public procurement. 120 investments from all over Poland were submitted for this year’s 12th competition.

The Białystok Science and Technology Park received the prestigious award “Crystals of Public Tenders” in the category: public utility facilities for constructing the Epi-Science Center.

The Epi-Science Center is the largest scientific center in the eastern part of Poland. It was opened in August near the Białystok City Stadium as part of the “Laboratory of the Young Master and Explorer in Białystok”.

“Crystals of Public Tenders” is an award granted to the best prepared, carried out and implemented investments in the Polish public sector.