Białystok University of Technology launched International Summer School for mycologists 

Piotr Awramiuk PB

The Institute of Forestry Sciences (INL) at the Faculty of Construction and Environmental Sciences of the Białystok University of Technology (PB) is hosting eight PhD students and two scientists from academic centres in Portugal, Italy, Tunisia, Serbia and Nigeria. Under the supervision of Białystok scientists, they are expanding their knowledge of fungi, including those found in the Białowieża Forest.

In Białystok, the International Mushroom Summer School 2022 classes will run from 5 to 9 December.

During this time, PhD students attended lectures and workshops that introduced them to the richness of fungal species and the uniqueness of their occurrence. Under the guidance of PB staff in the laboratories of the INL Science and Research Centre in Hajnówka, the young mycologists learnt how to obtain properly and taxonomically identify fungal material for scientific research. There were also practical field classes in the Białowieża Forest.

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