Catholic University of Lublin starting application process for postgraduate studies


The Catholic University of Lublin (KUL) has started application process for postgraduate studies. The offer of KUL includes over twenty-five different majors, including MBA studies, psycho-oncology and health protection law. Some of them are unique in Poland.

The University Center for Competence Development at KUL constantly enhances its offer, adapting it to the needs of potential students. This year it is also launching more courses in the summer semester.

-We expect that the demand for ethics teachers will increase in connection with the announcements of the Ministry of Education and Science. That is why we propose studies in philosophy and ethics – informs Dr Dorota Bis, head of the University Center for Competence Development. Graduating means obtaining qualifications entitling to teach philosophy and ethics at all levels of education.

In addition, the new majors also include: Management, Cybersecurity management of local government units, Organization and management in the defense preparation of young people, as well as studies run in cooperation with the Lublin Airport Security Service preparing to work as a qualified employee and property security officer.


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