Catholic University of Lublin to launch a new study Bioanalitycal Technologies


New study Bioanalytical Technologies in English has expanded the offer of MA studies at the Catholic University of Lublin (KUL). 

This new international study is conducted in cooperation with the International University of Sarajevo and prepared as part of the KATAMARAN project of the National Agency for Academic Exchange.

The course includes apprenticeships in: laboratories of industrial plants, research and development units, analytical and diagnostic laboratories, in companies that cooperated in creating and running the study industry (Adamed Group, Biomaxima SA, Chemical and Agricultural Station, Azoty Group)

The studies will prepare students to work in the following professions: laboratory analyst, quality assurance specialist, drug registration specialist, microbiologist, biochemist, geneticist, biotechnologist, biologist, laboratory worker in industrial research centers, control and diagnostic laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, environmental monitoring units and offices dealing with the protection and management of natural resources.

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