Company of the Poznań University of Technology supporting the development of spatial image recording technology.

Tomasz Kawka/East News

The Innovation University of Technology – a special purpose company of the Poznań University of Technology – became a shareholder of the Mucha company to actively support the start-up of scientists from universities in the development of a unique technology of spatial image recording.

The company “Innovation University of Technology” is an entity established by the Poznań University of Technology for the purpose of indirect commercialization, i.e. acquiring shares in spin-off companies.

The company Mucha deals with the development of next-generation spatial image recording technology. Light field cameras enable a more complete registration of the surrounding world for the needs of virtual reality, compared to traditional cameras.

Thanks to a special multi-lens structure, the camera records not only information about the light intensity, but also information about the direction from which individual light rays reach it. This allows for a full reconstruction of the surrounding world in virtual reality.


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