Consortium of Łódź University of Technology, Polish companies and a Turkish start-up to develop a domestic wind turbine


The Technical University of Lodz, in a consortium with business partners from Poland and Turkey, will develop a domestic wind turbine capable of cooperation and integration with other Renewable Energy Sources. The National Centre for Research and Development and the Turkish Council for Scientific and Technological Research have granted more than €300,000 for the research.

The consortium, in which the University is the leader, includes two Polish companies: Enerwis and Ergos related to energy, and Turkish start-up Devecitech, developer of the Enlil smart turbine.  

The University will design the generator and test a prototype turbine under urban conditions. The starting point for the research is the Turkish Enlil wind turbine, and the aim is to develop an innovative and highly efficient vertical axis wind turbine, which has been named Ninlil. The turbine will be suitable for urban and suburban applications, generating energy not only by natural winds, but also by winds generated by vehicle traffic, for example.

Research and development