Częstochowa University of Technology students win the ‘New Technologies for Women – Ukraine’ programme

Politechnika Częstochowska

Four female students of the Częstochowa University of Technology from Ukraine have been awarded scholarships under the “New Technologies for Women – Ukraine” programme, organised by Perspektywy and Intel Poland.

The scholarship winners are Anna Bevziuk from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Polina Gonchar, Kristina Sotnyk and Olha Tykhonchuk from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science at the Częstochowa university.

The programme includes a 10-month financial scholarship of PLN 2,000 gross per month (PLN 20,000 gross in total) to cover education and development costs, technical and soft skills workshops with Intel Technology Poland experts and career counselling sessions.

The winners will also participate in the mentoring Buddies Programme and Europe’s largest event for women in technology – Perspectives Women in Tech 2023, which will take place on 14 and 15 June 2023 in Warsaw.

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