Garden designed by researchers from Wrocław University of Science and Technology created in Portugal


Until the end of October, in Portugal’s Ponte de Lima, visitors can admire 12 gardens designed and created by landscape architects from around the world. One of them is “The Eye of God” – the work of Agnieszka Bocheńska-Niemiec and Dr Aleksandra Gierko from the Wrocław University of Science and Technology.

Each year, Ponte de Lima organizes an open competition for the design of gardens that will become part of The International Garden Festival of Ponte de Lima. The current competition is titled “Religions in the Garden”. The Wrocław researchers designed a garden that would refer to the subject of religion in a universal way.

– We did not want its symbols to be associated with a specific confession. We wanted everyone to feel good there. There, the visitors can focus on their own personification of a god, no matter what they worship and whether it is one god or whether they believe in many of them. Therefore, we wanted to show the context of the divine particle in nature – says Dr Gierko.


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