Gdańsk University of Technology to cooperate with the NDI company

K. Krzempek Politechnika Gdańska

The Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering of the Gdańsk University of Technology will cooperate with NDI – one of the largest construction companies in Poland. The assumption of the agreement is to integrate the scientific and industrial environment, and the combined efforts are to serve the development of modern construction.

The cooperation inludes primarily activities for the benefit of students and will concern education and the possibility of acquiring practical knowledge. The agreement provides for internships, open lectures and seminars conducted by practitioners.

Scientists from the Gdańsk University of Technology declare support in the form of specialist consultations, training of technical and engineering personnel, and sharing research experience with practitioners. The aim is to implement scientific achievements as quickly and efficiently as possible in the development of the construction industry by solving problems in the field of civil engineering, transport, environmental engineering, energy, marine and coastal engineering.


Technical sciences