Gdańsk University of Technology tp cooperate closer with the Polish Armaments Group


Polish Armaments Group and PGZ Military Shipyard concluded confidentiality agreements with the Center of Maritime Military Technologies of the Gdańsk University of Technology, which will enable the commencement of talks on the development of technology for minimizing the physical fields of ships and unmanned underwater vehicles for the Polish Navy.

The signing of confidentiality agreements was necessary for the parties to start talks on cooperation in the implementation of projects for the Polish Navy. Details will remain the secret of the parties.

– With many years of experience in demagnetization of ships and measurements of their physical fields, as well as unmanned underwater technologies, I am convinced that the cooperation of the domestic industry with the Gdańsk University of Technology, will bring an excellent effect in the form of world-class equipment for our Navy – says the president of the management board of Polish Armaments Group Sebastian Chwałek.



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