Intensifying cooperation between Warsaw University and Marmara University of Istanbul

M. Kaźmierczak UW

The authorities of Warsaw University (UW) met with representatives of Marmara University in Istanbul to discuss joint research and teaching activities and plans to strengthen cooperation in the fields of European studies, political science and international relations.

“We appreciate the growing position of Turkish universities in the world. Warsaw University is open to academic exchange with a university from Istanbul, and our students are willing to attend lectures by scientists from Turkey about experiences and research conducted on their own unique ground”, said Prof. Alojzy Z. Nowak, Rector of Warsaw University.

Prof. Nuri Tınaz, Director of the Office for Foreign and Academic Cooperation at Marmara University, said that Polish and German universities are the most important partners of the Turkish university. “As Turkey’s largest university, we would like to intensify cooperation in terms of academic exchanges under the Erasmus+ programme”, he added.

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