Invention by Poznań University of Technology researchers awarded at London fair

Politechnika Poznańska

Prof Agata Bonenberg from the Faculty of Architecture and Dr Marek Zablocki, Prof Marek Zabłocki, from the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Transport of Poznan University of Technology, have won the gold medal and special prize of the International Invention and Trade Expo (ITE) in London. Their invention, a rotating kitchen table, is patented and protected by an industrial design.

Around 80 % of the world’s population has problems with back pain, mainly lumbar pain. To avoid an uncomfortable and prolonged bending position during kitchen work, the height of the kitchen furniture needs to be adjusted accordingly.

An ergonomic swivel table is not only dedicated to people with disabilities. An adjustable table top can serve, for example, two users with different ergonomic requirements.  This is the so-called ‘dynamic furniture’ concept”.

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