Invention of researchers from the Department of Pharmacology of the Medical University of Gdańsk patented

Przemek Swiderski/REPORTER

Researchers from the Department of Pharmacology at the Gdansk Medical University – Prof Ivan Kocić and Dr Izabela Rusiecka – have been granted a patent for the invention New compounds of vancomycin and TP10, their method of preparation, composition and application in antimicrobial treatment. 

The subject of the invention is an innovative bioconjugate combining a well-known antibiotic – vancomycin – with a transport protein – transportan 10 (Van-TP10). The project was developed in collaboration with the University of Gdansk.

Vancomycin is used to treat infections caused by bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus, Enterococcus spp and Clostridium difficile. Its efficacy is insufficient – what is needed is an antibiotic with better antibacterial efficacy and that penetrates brain tissue well.

The researchers achieved these properties by conjugating vancomycin with transportan 10, which has antimicrobial activity and the ability to transport drugs into the cell.

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