IT majors are the most popular at the Krakow University of Technology


Computer Science, Computer Science in Computer Engineering, Applied Computer Science are the three most popular studies for BA students at the Krakow University of Technology (PK).  

The interest of candidates expressed in the number of people per place in the first qualification clearly indicates that the most popular major for BA studies is IT Computer Science offered by the Faculty of Computer Science and Telecommunications, where 12 people competed for one place.

The summary in absolute numbers is also impressive because over 1,300 people applied for stationary Computer Science. For comparison, there were only 1,222 applicants last year.

Nine people applied for one place for IT in Computer Engineering conducted by the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering with 645 applicants.

Also, 727 people registered for Applied Computer Science at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and there were 10 applicants for one place.

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