Kalisz Academy and the company Lighting Street and Road to cooperate

Dawid Tatarkiewicz / East News

The Kalisz Academy started cooperation with the company Lighting Street and Road. The agreement includes the implementation of joint research, development and implementation projects as well as the organization of internships, apprenticeships and diplomas.

“The agreement creates opportunities for many joint ventures in science, research projects, as well as the development of student internships and potential jobs for our graduates. It will certainly result in specific solutions devoted to issues important for the company’s profile, says the rector, Prof. Andrzej Wojtyla.

The main goal of the Lighting Street and Road company is to ensure the supply of energy and maintain the lighting infrastructure in a proper technical condition. The company cooperates with 109 local government units in the Wielkopolskie, Łódzkie and Dolnośląskie provinces.

More: https://akademia.kalisz.pl/porozumienie-akademii-kaliskiej-i-spolki-oswietlenie-uliczne-i-drogowe/

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