Koszalin University of Technology obtained almost PLN 40 million for the construction of the Cognitarium Knowledge Center


Koszalin University of Technology received almost PLN 40 million in a targeted subsidy to co-finance the costs of implementing the investment “Construction of the Cognitarium Knowledge Center”. The money is allocated by the Ministry of Education and Science.

The Cognitarium is planned as a regional center of knowledge and science. It will be the new seat of the Main Library of the Koszalin University of Technology, the university archive and other industry libraries. The essence of Cognitarium is to visualize the collections and make them available by using digital tools. The facility will also act as a training and conference center.

One of the functions of the Center will be to provide a space for the exchange of views, teamwork, sharing collections in an open formula, and even relaxation. The Foucault Pendulum will be placed in the entrance hall of the Cognitarium, which will be an additional attraction to the facility.

More: https://tu.koszalin.pl/art/579/ministerialna-dotacja-na-budowe-centrum-wiedzy-cognitarium-politechniki-koszalinskiej

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