Kozminski Academy to hold online debates ‘Society versus virus’


Kozminski Academy (ALK) in Warsaw is inviting participants on June 24 (Wednesday) at 19:00 for the first online debate in the “Society vs virus” program. The meeting will take place by Facebook platform.

The debate will focus on social challenges during the coronavirus pandemic. They will be led by lecturers from the ALK Department of Social Sciences, who decided to prepare three sessions to look at the phenomenon from sociological, psychological and technological perspectives.

The next meeting “We and pandemic” will start with three mini-lectures of three professors including Prof. Stanisław Jędrzejewski, Prof. Gavina Rae and Prof. Piotr Chmielewski, who will then debate the impact of the pandemic on society. Finally, ALK will present the results of qualitative research conducted by students of business and media sociology as part of the subject Research Workshops.