Łódź scientists to conduct research on green zones around schools


Scientists from the University of Lodz (UŁ) and the Warsaw University of Life Sciences, under the supervision of Dr Edyta Łaszkiewicz (UŁ) are conducting research on green zones around schools and children’s way from home to school. 

-We decided to check the access of children from Łódź schools to green zones. We selected 50 primary schools located in different parts of Łódź for the study. This is over 50% of all primary schools in the city – explains the researcher from the University of Lodz.

Scientists visit each of the schools and check the existing green zone near the school. They take panoramic photos in front of the buildings and in the sports and recreation area.

Additionally, thermal photos are taken, the level of air pollution at school is measured, air humidity and the value of the leaf index LAI (leaf cover index) are checked.

The research is carried out as part of the project “Children’s access to green areas on the way to school: from operationalization to the application of a spatially dynamic concept of environmental justice”, which received funding from the National Science Center as part of the OPUS20 competition.