Lodz University of Technology coordinates international project for environmental protection

Politechnika Łódzka

The Technical University of Lodz is the leader of an EU LIFE Programme project called ‘Comprehensive Awareness Raising and Social Behaviour Change for a Mercury-Free City’, which aims to support nature and climate protection and energy transition activities. 

The project, coordinated by Professor Volodymyr Mosorov of the Institute of Applied Computer Science at the University of Łódź, will be carried out by several European universities, with the support of a Dutch technology company and a Greek research organisation dedicated to promoting disruptive social and business innovations. The budget for the joint tasks is close to €1.5 million.

Prof Mosorov explains that the overall objective of the project is to reduce environmental contamination by mercury contained in household consumer goods by providing information support, organising a broad information and education campaign and activities related to social behaviour change. 

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