Lublin University of Technology to join the European University of Technology


During a video conference with Timothée Toury, Director General of the European University of Technology (EUt+), Prof Zbigniew Pater, the Rector of the Lublin University of Technology (PL), presented the Lublin university’s candidacy to become a member of this consortium. 

Presenting Lublin University of Technology’s candidature, Prof Zbigniew Pater highlighted the most important of the university’s achievements so far, including the results of the latest evaluation of its scientific activity, which testify to the high level of research work carried out by PL employees.

The European University of Technology is currently made up of 8 entities from 8 European Union countries (Cyprus, Spain, Bulgaria, France, Latvia, Ireland, Romania and the Netherlands), which together educate 100,000 students.

Accepting the Technical University as a member of EUt+ would enable cooperation with the consortium members in science and didactics and, in the future, the issuing of a joint degree diploma.

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