Łukasiewicz – PORT and the University of Wrocław to educate doctoral students together 


The Łukasiewicz – PORT – The Polish Center for Technology Development and the University of Wrocław are beginning cooperation in doctoral education. It will allow young scientists to prepare their dissertations at the university, working and gaining experience in international research teams at PORT.

The agreement assumes that PORT employees and scholarship holders will be able to participate in the doctoral school at the University of Wrocław and combine their studies with gaining valuable experience from participation in application research conducted by international research teams. PORT is the first institute of the Łukasiewicz Research Network to undertake such cooperation with the university.

Leaders of research teams of the Łukasiewicz – PORT Research Centers will nominate candidates for the doctoral school. It will be attended by people who meet the design requirements of the research team leader and the requirements of the university recruitment procedure.

More: https://www.port.org.pl/pl/szkola-doktorska-port-i-uni Uniwersytet – wroclawskiego/

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