Maritime University of Szczecin to launch a sea rescue training center

Hubert Bierndgarski/REPORTER

The Polish Maritime Rescue Training Center will be established in Szczecin. According to the provisions of the multi-annual program established by the resolution of the Council of Ministers, the center will include a modern teaching facility, a medical simulation center and a fire and water simulation center.

The implementation of this project will realistically contribute to improving the qualifications of specialists who will be educated in this place – this applies to both students and employees of the industry, for whom the modern center will constitute an attractive training base.

“This center will be the successor to our long-serving Maritime Rescue Training Center. Thanks to this huge future-oriented investment, we will be able to provide students and trainees with the necessary skills for their work, the credentials of which they will no longer have to look for in foreign centers – said the rector of the Maritime University of Szczecin, Dr Eng. Wojciech Ślączka.



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