Medical University of Silesia in Katowice becomes a partner of the Congress of Health Challenges


The Medical University of Silesia in Katowice has become a partner of the Health Challenges Congress (HCC) scheduled for March 5 and 6 at the International Congress Center in Katowice.

Congress is a project that has been permanently inscribed in the calendar of the most prestigious and opinion-forming events gathering representatives of the health-related community every year. This year, six thematic blocks (health policy, finance and management, therapies, new technologies, e-health, education) and 45 sessions are planned.

University speakers will participate in sessions: “More body to love – obesity in terms of reproductive health”; “About fear, stress, aggression and trauma, or how to be healthy in the 21st century”; “Aesthetic medicine and anti-aging movement as a path to longevity?”; “Natural delivery or caesarean section?”; “Risky behavior of young people” and “Deprivation of energy. What is chronic fatigue? “

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