Medical University of Wrocław strengthens cooperation with the voivodeship self-government

Bartlomiej Magierowski/East News

The Medical University of Wrocław strengthens cooperation with the local government of the Lower Silesian Voivodeship in the field of health protection. The agreement for cooperation in health care in Lower Silesia sets out investments and projects that play a key role in the development of both centers and providing the best care to patients in the region.

The list of the most important tasks includes: construction of the New Oncology Hospital; creation of an integrated Institute of Paediatrics at the University Teaching Hospital (USK); the establishment of the Center for Modern Technologies and Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare within the USK structures and the development of robotic medicine based on the infrastructure of the USK and the voivodeship self-government.

The partners also undertook to expand the teaching and clinical base of the Medical University in Wrocław, obtain funds from the Ministry of Health to increase the number of places in medical faculties and develop training programs.


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