Minister Czarnek appoints Team to develop solutions for testing space technologies in polar conditions


The Minister of Education and Science, Przemysław Czarnek, has handed over appointments to members of a Team to develop solutions for the creation and testing of space technologies in polar conditions.

The Team’s most important tasks include: initiating and supporting activities aimed at including Polish polar stations in inter-ministerial cooperation for the use of Polish technical know-how in polar activities, initiating and supporting inter-ministerial activities leading to the development and testing of technical and technological solutions used in space exploration, conducting an analysis of the possibility of revitalising the Antoni B. Dobrowolski Polish Antarctic Station in the context of bringing the existing infrastructure of the station to a state that makes it possible to conduct scientific research.

The aim of the Polish Polar Policy is to safeguard Poland’s key interests in the Arctic and Antarctic, which is to create synergies between Antarctic science and new technologies. Universities, technical institutes, the Polish Space Agency, technology companies and start-ups will be involved in this activity.

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