Minister of Education and Science offers financing for projects by researchers of the Medical University of Gdańsk

Karol Makurat/REPORTER

Two researchers from the Department of Immunobiology and Environmental Microbiology at the Medical University of Gdańsk have been awarded project funding through a competition by the Minister of Education and Science.

Dr Marta Jaskulak, Eng. received funding from the Excellent Science programme for the project ‘Cycle of Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Conferences in Memory of Prof. Piotr Lass’. The aim of the project is to commemorate Prof. Lass as well as to exchange ideas, present current research results and challenges in medicine, pharmacy and health sciences, and to establish national and international collaborations.

The second researcher, Bartosz Wilczyński, received funding from the Social Responsibility of Science programme for the project ‘Learning healthy sport for children and young people’. The aim is to popularise scientific research and raise awareness of health and sports science through practical application and education in the prevention and treatment of sports injuries in young athletes.

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