Minister of Education and Science participates in the seminar “Polish universities open to Poles from abroad”


The Minister of Education and Science, Przemysław Czarnek, participated in the discussion panel “Polish universities open to Poles from abroad” as part of the Polish Diaspora Forum during the XXX Economic Forum in Karpacz. 

The main topic of the discussion was the offer of studies at Polish universities, addressed to the Polish diaspora and Poles living outside the country. Minister Przemysław Czarnek emphasized that this issue is both a challenge and an opportunity for Poland.

-By creating new study places for those foreigners who want to study in Poland, we must at the same time provide places at universities to Polish residents. It is in Poland’s interest to develop education in sensitive areas for Poland’s interests, e.g. in medical or science faculties – added the minister.

The head of the Ministry of Science stated that the great interest in studies proves the growing popularity of Poland.

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