National Science Center surveyed the functioning of women and men in science


The National Science Center (NCN) has prepared a survey on the functioning of women and men in science. Its results will allow for the development of more effective forms of equalization of opportunities for both genders in NCN programs and start a wider discussion on this subject in the Polish scientific community. All scientists are invited to participate in the survey.  

The questionnaire is divided into five main parts. The respondents are asked to answer questions about their experiences related to applying for grants from the National Science Center, the difficulties they face in obtaining other national and foreign grants, experience in the work environment and challenges resulting from combining professional and family duties.

The form also includes questions about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on career and scientific performance. All scientists from all centers and at all stages of their careers are invited to take part in the survey, regardless of whether they have ever applied for an NCN grant.