Observatory of the University of Bialystok installed a modern telescope


The ASA 600 reflecting telescope was installed at the Observatory of the University of Białystok (UW). It is one of the largest telescopes of this type in Poland. It will enable advanced didactic and research observations. 

The telescope weighs several hundred kilograms, and the diameter of the main mirror is 60 cm.

-It is the highest-class equipment in terms of teaching telescopes for the very advanced education of astronomers and physicists. Its size and parameters also allow for scientific observations. There are only two telescopes of this size in Poland, – said astronomer Andrzej Branicki from the Faculty of Physics, University of Bialystok.

The telescope will be used for teaching and research purposes. It will be used mainly by scientists and students of the University of Bialystok, who thus will gain more practical classes.

The construction of the Observatory with the Planetarium cost over PLN 8.4 million and was financed by the Ministry of Education and Science and the university. The equipment of the facility was supported by the Podlaskie Voivodeship Self-government, donating PLN 1.3 million for this purpose, the ASA 600 telescope itself with its equipment costs approx. 670 thousand PLN.

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