Opole University researchers examined the need to establish the Museum of the Eastern Borderlands 

Politechnika Opolska

A team of researchers led by Opole University Professor Anna Weissbrot-Koziarska, conducted a study to gather opinions on the historical memory of the Kresowians and the Eastern Borderlands and to determine the need for an Eastern Borderlands Museum in Brzeg.

Based on scientific theories, mainly those concerning the satisfaction of needs in the area of collecting, processing and preserving the continuity of historical memory, a report was prepared that assessed the historical awareness of the inhabitants of Brzeg and the surrounding area about the Eastern Borderlands and the need for a modern museum to preserve and perpetuate the memory of the Kresowians.

The conclusions showed that most of the young people and adults surveyed confirmed the need for access to historical sources, the preservation and dissemination of history, the need for historical education, the need to take care of family history and the preservation of memory artefacts, and the need to strengthen intergenerational transmission.

Read more: https://uni.opole.pl/page/5533/naukowcy-z-uo-przeprowadzili-badania-dla-mps-w-brzegu