Polish archaeologists’ discovery included in TOP 10 most important archaeological finds in 2022


The discovery of the so-called Gallery of Elite Artisans at the necropolis in Castillo de Huarmey, Peru, by a Polish-Peruvian team of archaeologists, led by Professor Miłosz Giersz of the University of Warsaw (UW), has been included in the TOP 10 most important archaeological finds in 2022, according to Archaeology magazine.

Seven burials of elite craftsmen who worked at the court of the Wari rulers were found in the gallery: four adults and three teenagers. Hundreds of tools and raw materials that served them during their lives were also found next to the bodies, including an axe, knives, a saw and materials for basket-weaving.

In the Gallery of Elite Craftsmen, we discovered for the first time the burials of men of the Wari kingdom’s elite, who were also outstanding artists and craftsmen. This is evidenced by the rich grave gifts and objects, including ornaments made of gold and silver. Both the men and women buried in the Castillo de Huarmey were committed to craftsmanship of the highest order and produced the finest objects of their era”, said Professor Miłosz Giersz, head of the Department of Archaeology of the Americas, Faculty of Archaeology, UW.

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