Polish-German STAR VIBE satellite launched into orbit around the Earth

Gregg Newton/AFP/ East News

The STAR VIBE satellite has been launched into orbit around the Earth, which is the product of a collaboration between the Scanway company from Wrocław and the German company German Orbital Systems. The launch took place from a spaceport in Florida on board a Falcon 9 rocket, during the Transporter 6 mission.

STAR VIBE is a demonstration mission of two systems – a small Earth observation telescope called STAR and the VIBE satellite self-inspection system. The aim is to test the STAR telescope and the VIBE technology under space conditions and raise the technology readiness level to the highest, ninth level.

To this end, the impact of space conditions (vacuum, temperature fluctuations, high radiation, microgravity) on telescope components, on-board electronics and on the quality of data collected will be tested. The duration of the mission is a minimum of three months, but can be extended as required.

Read more: https://scanway.space/mission/star-vibe/

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