Polish researcher to analyze the fortunes of the French Templars


Dr Magdalena Satora, Institute of History of the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University (UKSW) in Warsaw is planning to trace the historical turmoil around the Templars and their property in her research financed by the National Science Center (NCN).

The aim of the project of Dr Magdalena Satora, awarded under the NCN grant, is to research the fate of the property of the French Templars during the process of the order and in the first years after its completion.

-A detailed analysis will include the motives and consequences of the decisions of church hierarchs and rulers regarding the transfer of goods belonging to the order. I will also try to summarize the financial side of the process in France – comparing the estimated assets of the local Templars to the costs of the trial. I will try to answer the question whether these sums influenced the final decisions regarding the further fate of the order’s goods, – declares Dr Magdalena Satora, a historian of the Middle Ages and recent history, specialized in the history of France and the history of diplomacy.