Polish Space Agency summarizing 2021 year


Signing the Artemis Accords declaration, work on the National Space Program, changes in the statute and organizational structure of POLSA, coordination of the participation of Polish companies in NASA missions and Australian research projects, concepts of Polish space missions were some of the projects implemented in 2021 by the Polish Space Agency (POLSA).          

Signing the Artemis Accords declaration gives Poland the opportunity to participate in multilateral NASA programs related to the exploration of the Moon, Mars and other celestial bodies. POLSA has coordinated Polish efforts to participate in NASA missions: Arcus and Gamow Explorer with the purpose to study the universe in terms of x-rays and the most distant gamma-ray bursts.

POLSA increased the participation of Polish representatives in the delegation to the European Space Agency and it is operating there more and more. It has launched consultations with the national space sector, with the aim to develop recommendations regarding Poland’s participation in ESA programs before the Ministerial Council in 2022.

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