Radom engineers create a prototype of an emergency power supply system for trucks


The cooperation of the Department of Motor Vehicles at the University of Technology and Humanities (UTH) in Radom with the Military Institute of Armored and Automotive Technology in Sulejówek has resulted in developing an emergency power supply system for trucks, allowing the vehicle to be started and driven with load after a failure of the electronic engine control system.

The development of system was preceded by tests of the combustion process of F-34 fuel, a standard NATO fuel, on one of the most modern testing spots of the AVL company in Poland, which is equipped with the UTH Department of Motor Vehicles and provides tests of the full-size Scania DC9 engine.

In Radom, the Scania P340 vehicle, equipped with a prototype engine emergency power supply system, showed the effectiveness of the system and meeting the main assumptions of the project, including the ability to start and drive a vehicle with a damaged electrical system of the vehicle. The project was led by Dr Eng. Tomasz Skrzek.

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