Research by biologists from Adam Mickiewicz University to help determine the migration of ancient peoples


The latest issue of Science features three thematically related articles co-authored by Adam Mickiewicz University (UAM) researchers Dr Marta Krenz-Niedbała, and Dr Sylwia Łukasik. The texts shed new light on the way of life of the people who formed the ancient communities and their spread.

The published work provides data on the entire genomes of 727 ancient individuals from the region of the so-called Southern Arc stretching from the Caucasus and the Levant, through Anatolia and the Aegean region to the Balkans, forming a bridge between Europe and Asia.

“The new information, obtained thanks to the participation of scientists from all over the world, concerns the directions of population migrations, the formation of ancient communities in the Southern Arc region, the spread of Indo-European languages and patterns of interbreeding between peoples from a few thousand years ago until the Middle Ages”, says UAM Professor Marta Krenz-Niedbała.

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