Researcher of the University of Gdańsk receives Scientist of the Future Award


Dr Illia Serdiuk, University of Gdańsk, won the Scientist of the Future 2021 Award in the category of Science and Technology for an Innovative Future. The Intelligent Development Center appreciated his research in the project “Two topical problems, one solution: improved organic materials for OLED and hydrogen photoproduction”.

The project uses the conversion of solar energy into chemical energy using only organic materials. It will significantly reduce the cost of large-scale production and disposal. In Europe, hydrogen energy is a very young industry, it is developing dynamically and experts are expecting an increasing demand for the technology of producing hydrogen using renewable energy sources.

The Scientist of the Future Award is granted to researchers with a vision for the future, carrying out research and projects that serve people, informing the public about ongoing research and showing a proactive attitude to business cooperation.

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