Researcher of the University of Wrocław becomes a laureate of the Prime Minister’s Award


Dr Łukasz Opaliński of the Faculty of Biotechnology of the University of Wrocław received the Prime Minister’s Award for highly-rated scientific achievements which were the basis for awarding the title of associated professor.

The young scientist was awarded for his research on post-translational mechanisms of protein transport and sorting in eukaryotic cells. His aim was to understand the molecular mechanisms of protein transport and their use in biotechnology, which is crucial for maintaining cell homeostasis. The results of the research enriched the knowledge about the biogenesis and functioning of mitochondria and their integration with other cell structures.

– In human cells, the role of proteins can be compared to letters and parcels, and my research is to check the mechanisms of their work as a courier. This issue is especially important for researchers, pharmacists and doctors, and in the future it may help work out a cure for cancer – says Dr Łukasz Opaliński.