Researchers from Rzeszów developed a new method of monitoring passenger flows in public transport

Arkadiusz Ziolek/ East News

Employees from the Department of Roads and Bridges at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering and Architecture of the Rzeszów University of Technology (PRz) under the supervision of Dr Eng. Mateusz Szarata were awarded a silver medal at the international trade fair INTARG 2022 for the implementation of a research project enabling the monitoring of passenger flows in public transport.

In the space, there is a huge amount of radio waves that transmit various information. This was the basis for the idea of the entire project, the aim of which was to select signals in the environment, assess and evaluate the usefulness of the collected data for transport analyzes, and then use them to learn about the communication behavior of public transport passengers.

The methodology of data collection and processing developed by scientists from the PRz enables the replacement of costly surveys and the provision of precise information about the sources and purposes of travel for a large group of passengers.

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