Researchers of the University of Adam Mickiewicz published analysis on emotional intelligence and employee efficiency


Researchers from the Faculty of Psychology and Cognitive Science at the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznań have published a meta-analysis of all available research on emotional intelligence (IE) and employee efficiency. Their work summarizes the results of 116 studies on a total sample of almost 18,000 employees. This is the most comprehensive study in this area carried until today. 

The scientists used the available scientific databases to systematically search for research on IE and professional effectiveness, published in Polish, English, German, Russian and Ukrainian.

Their work was published in the International Journal of Work Organization and Emotion. It shows that the relationship between IE and professional performance is strongly dependent on the context in which the work is performed – from the point of view of effectiveness, IE was the most important for debt collectors, policemen and detectives, and the least important for nurses, doctors, scientists and customer service employees.


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