Researchers of the University of Silesia to obtain over 2.8 million co-financing under the Sonata competition


Four projects of researchers at the University of Silesia will be implemented thanks to the funding obtained in the Sonata competition of the National Science Center. The total amount of support is over PLN 2.8 million.

The co-financed projects are: “The meaning of the legal text in the light of selected concepts of cognitive linguistics” (department of law and administration); “Chinese New Silk Roads in Central Asia – measures, strategies and actors of the Belt and Way Initiative” (philological faculty); “Interaction in plant-bacteria system during phytoremediation of soil co-contaminated with hydrocarbons and heavy metals” (department of biology and environmental protection) and “Innovative polymerization methods of less activated monomers (LAMs)”, (faculty of mathematics, physics and chemistry).

Sonata supports students starting a scientific career in conducting innovative basic research or an original methodological solution.

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